A polished nickel Vesta Chandelier, a round sputnik shape with blown opaline glass shades at the end of each arm, hangs in a sunny breakfast room with views out the windows and through multiple arched doorways. The space was designed by Carmina Roth.
A detail shot of the Vesta 48 Chandelier in Polished Brass, made by Remains Lighting Company, and featuring the hand blown opal glass shades at the end of each of 48 arms.
The Commune Triple Dome Chandelier consists of a trio of downward facing domes, each with the round globe inside, emerging from one central inverted bowl. This detail image features the lit globe, the mirror finish polished brass, and incised signature slash pattern.
A close up photo of the Robert and Trix Haussmann Collection Molecule Linear Chandelier in Polished Nickel, showing the zig-zagging arrangement of bars and spheres of brass that comprise this lighting fixture.
Hear The Ingersoll Linear Chandelier is an eight light chandelier with almost full round white milk glass globes enclosing each light. Seen close up from its end, in a Dark Waxed Bronze finish.
A detail shot of the Janus 12 Chandelier by Robert A.M. Stern, showing the the slightly beveled prisms of glass suspended by fine wire from square-section solid brass framing, and reflecting the light.
A detail shot of the central section of the Cloche Chandelier by Scofield Lighting, a six-light tin chandelier in the shape of a glass cloche.
The Tony Duquette by Remains Lighting Dandelion Chandelier, its seed head seen up close and lit from within its polished brass fittings.
A close up of the Veronique 10 Linear Chandelier, and its ten evenly spaced arms that flare at the ends to hold clear glass shades, in a dark waxed bronze finish.
A round Vintage Glass and Brass Pendant with descending tiers of art glass panels, reflecting light on a pale blue ceiling.