Sparks fly as chamfered bronze chain is hand hammered on a work bench.


Remains Lighting Co. is committed to environmental stewardship from the fabrication of our products to the operation of our workspaces. Headquartered in a LEED Gold-certified factory in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the company manufactures products of quality and longevity.

From start to finish, our manufacturing processes optimize sustainability. Our fabrication department machines recycled brass on equipment fitted with energy-saving variable speed drives. We finish fixtures in closed-loop plating and patina systems, which do not discharge to municipal water sources. Remains meets and exceeds best practices in efficiency, material use and pollution control.

A barrel of brass chips, captured from a CNC lathe, held for pick up by the brass recycler.
A group of recycled brass tube, billet, and round sits on a shelf awaiting transformation into custom lighting parts.
A close up view of a patina bath, part of the closed loop patina and plating department at Remains Lighting.
We have been localizing, onshoring, and bringing our production in house for the last 20 years. We do our own machining, welding and brazing, sheet-metal work, electroplating, polishing and assembly.
A wide angle photo of the rooftop solar array and sedum garden at the Remains Lighting factory, with a view of the Empire State Building in the distance.

Remains sources non-polluting power from the 17KW solar array on our factory roof and from a wind farm in upstate New York. Our storm water retention system irrigates the 1500 square feet of succulents that share the roof with our solar panels, cool and insulate the building, and act as carbon sinks. Paired with ceiling fans and retractable awnings on thermostatic sensors, our natural cooling methods require minimal energy. Remains uses a combination of daylight harvesting techniques and sophisticated sensors that switch fixtures on and off as needed to maximize energy efficiency.

We participate in the UPS carbon neutral shipment program, which offsets the impact of emissions from shipping each package, to support environmental protection efforts at no cost to our clients. We package most of our products with cornstarch "peanuts" and 100% recycled paper. Remains partners with local workforce development organizations to hire and train individuals who have faced significant challenges to employment.

A view of the Brooklyn factory garden in which rosemary, marigold, cucumbers, chard, tomatoes and a fig tree grow.
Afternoon outdoor barbeque in the parking lot and vegetable garden at the Remains Lighting factory in Brooklyn, NY.
A box of banana pepper, red pepper, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, green tomatoes, rosemary, and chard, harvested from the garden at Remains Lighting in Brooklyn.

Our employees exercise the company commitment to sustainability by planting a garden on factory grounds. In the warmer months, members of the local community join the Remains team to harvest and enjoy an array of fresh vegetables and herbs.

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