Sketches and paper and cardboard cut outs of shapes being used to design and mock up new fixture designs for the miner's lantern included in the Presidio by Hart Howerton lighting collection

The Presidio Collection
by Hart Howerton

Designed by global interdisciplinary design firm, Hart Howerton, the Presidio Collection includes three distinct product lines and is a tribute to heritage, bringing together contemporary style, historic inspiration and hand crafted, organic materials.

Designers work at a table on the sketches and paper mocks ups during the preliminary phases of designing a lighting collection.

A Story Inspired by Arcadian Design

Hart Howerton Partner, David Rau, who was the lead designer on the project commented: “Our goal was to tell a story inspired by Arcadian design: natural, organic, local, handmade, fair and just. Nothing synthetic, very little machining, simple, efficient, resilient. This new line of fixtures – with its indeterminate sense of history and an earthly attraction – was the happy result.”

A studio shot of the Presidio Wall Lantern in weathered brass, lit.

The Eponymous Presidio Line

It centers around a modern take on the primitive form of a miners’ lantern, with a solid cast brass base bound to a swooping hand-formed reflector that curves around a frosted glass lens. It is a heady mix of elegance and industrial strength, where light plays across organic materials and nods to the elemental warmth of an open flame.

Product Spotlight

A weathered brass floor lantern with a swooping brass reflector surrounding a cylindrical glass shade, lit from within.

The Sutro Lantern

The Sutro Lantern is versatile in style, positioning, and use; equally home on sideboard, on terrace paving, or on an end-table. Made of a solid cast brass base, bound to a swooping reflector with an integrated handle, that curves around a frosted glass lens. Remains’ solid brass “ingot” switch has a satisfyingly heavy feel and toggle action. View the Sutro Lantern 

A side angle view of a wide, pendant or billiard style light fixture in a weathered brass patina, with a broad, swooping riveted shade and two cylindircal lights on either side of the central stem.

The Union Pendant

The Union Pendant marries a broad swooping metal shade to a yoke of sharp-edged square framing that hold two frosted and ribbed glass shades. Finished with round head fasteners and rivets throughout. View the Union Pendant 

An image of a wall lantern with cylindrical glass and a swooping brass shade, mounted on a wooden wall in an outdoor garden.

Presidio Wall Lantern

The Presidio Wall Lantern is a modern take on primitive form of a miner's lantern with a solid cast brass base, a swooping hand-formed reflector and a frosted glass lens. Designed by Hart Howerton. View the Presidio Wall Lantern 

The Presidio 15 Chandelier hangs in a vaulted space with a rustic wooden pitched roof, white walls and vaulted doorwys.

Presidio 15 Chandelier

The Presidio Chandelier has 15 lantern bodies in solid cast brass and hand formed brass sheet with blown and frosted glass lenses arrayed around a stout rolled iron ring. View The Presidio 15 Chandelier →

Remains and Hart Howerton have a long history of working together on commercial and residential projects around the world and were inspired to create the capsule lighting collection following a collaboration in Austin, Texas.

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