A large scale dark bronze ring chandelier lit by 15 evenly spaced brass lanterns with glass cylinder shades hangs in a white vaulted space with floor to ceiling windowed doors leading out to a patio and view of the hilly wooded landscape in the distance.

Presidio by Hart Howerton

Designed by global interdisciplinary design firm, Hart Howerton, the Presidio Collection is a tribute to heritage, bringing together contemporary style, historic inspiration, and hand-crafted, organic materials. 

The Collection tells a story inspired by Arcadian design: natural, organic, local, handmade, fair, and just. It centers around a modern take on the primitive form of a miners’ lantern, with a solid cast brass base bound to a swooping hand-formed reflector that curves around a frosted glass lens. It is a heady mix of elegance and industrial strength, where light plays across organic materials and nods to the elemental warmth of an open flame. Dramatic chandeliers, wall lanterns, table lamps, and floor lanterns incorporate these shared elements and exude an indeterminate sense of history and earthly attraction.