Introducing the Presidio Collection by Hart Howerton

Designed by global interdisciplinary design firm, Hart Howerton, the Presidio Collection includes three distinct product lines and is a tribute to heritage, bringing together contemporary style, historic inspiration and hand crafted, organic materials. Remains and Hart Howerton have a long history of working together on commercial and residential projects around the world and were inspired to create the capsule lighting collection following a collaboration in Austin, Texas.
Interior designers sketch and mock up a custom lighting collection; Hand drawings and cardboard shapes to design custom lamps and light fixtures; custom lighting fixture prototypes.
Hart Howerton Partner, David Rau, who was the lead designer on the project commented: “Our goal was to tell a story inspired by Arcadian design: natural, organic, local, handmade, fair and just. Nothing synthetic, very little machining, simple, efficient, resilient. This new line of fixtures - with its indeterminate sense of history and an earthly attraction - was the happy result.”
A line drawn facing and profile view of a custom exterior wall lantern.
The eponymous Presidio line centers around a modern take on the primitive form of a miners’ lantern, with a solid cast brass base bound to a swooping hand-formed reflector that curves around a frosted glass lens. It is a heady mix of elegance and industrial strength, where light plays across organic materials and nods to the elemental warmth of an open flame. The line includes a table lamp, sconce and two sizes of chandelier. The table lantern features a Remains’ solid brass “ingot” toggle switch. The Presidio Chandelier continues in the same style with two sizes featuring either nine or 15 lantern bodies on a rolled iron ring, creating a commanding presence suitable for grand-scale spaces ranging from urban lofts to rustic lodges.
A large scale 15 light hoop ring chandelier hangs in a photo studio and shown in a vaulted interior space; a pair of miner's lantern style table lamps.
The Sutro Lantern is versatile in style, positioning, and use; equally home on sideboard, on terrace paving, or on an end-table. Made of a solid cast brass base, bound to a swooping reflector with an integrated handle that curves around a frosted glass lens. The hand-formed brass sheet is connected with copper rivets and the lantern features Remains’ brass “ingot” toggle switch. The Sutro Pier is a new form of exterior lantern: for a stone wall, flanking a stairway, on a gate pier.
A weathered brass floor lantern with a swooping brass reflector surrounding a cylindrical glass shade, shown assembled and lit (top left), its parts in patina (top right), and an inventory of brass shades on a table.
The Union Pendant is named after Union Square, in reference to Hart Howerton and Remains Lighting’s shared New York heritage. It is a statement pendant light, again made from solid cast brass and hand-formed brass sheet and blown frosted glass lens on the two lamps.
A billiard-style light fixture in a weathered brass patina, with a broad, swooping riveted shade and two cylindrical lights on either side of the central stem.
Each fixture is available in a choice of finishes including dark iron, weathered brass, polished nickel or polished brass.