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What is fixtur?

fixtur is a lighting scheduler app built on top of the shopify store that manages Remains company data and common tasks for customer account managers, trade clients, general account holders, and anonymous browsers.


You can have one or more fixtur boards to organize your favorites on.

By default, your first one is named “Favorites,“ but you can change that to whatever you want. If you delete all of your boards, a new "Favorites" board will always be generated for you.

You can rearrange the order of your fixtur boards at any point by grabbing the handle and dragging a board to a new position. This is the order that also appears in the board selector on the product page.

You can reorder the items on your board in a similar fashion by grabbing the handle of the board item and dragging to a new position.

Creating a new fixtur board

From Favorites

Click on the "New List" button and compete the required data in the mangae board dialog

From the Selector

You can create a new board on the fly from the selector by entering in a board title and clicking the button at the top of the dropdown list.

Adding products to your board

You can add products to your active board by clicking on the “Add to favorites“ button under the “Add to Cart“ button to pull up the board selector and clicking on any or all of your favorite boards displayed there. You can also create a new board on the fly and save the configuration there

You can add the same product to multiple boards by mousing over the button to access a dropdown of all of your fixtur boards.

Deleting a Board

click the Delete Board button

Deleting a board item

click the “delete“ button for the corresponding board item

Sharing a board

Click the "Share" button on the manage board dialog and enter the email of the account holder you would like to share this with, or select "public" to make the board available to anyone with the link.

Configured URLs

The impulse theme and remains shopify store follow the standard shopify convention of linking to specific variants using a variant id in the url query parameter. This links directly to a specific product variant with the variants three specified option category values selections but does not recognize options offered as custom properties. fixtur builds on top of this schema and adds all variant and non variant options and selections as handleized name value pairs to the url, updating whenever selections are changed. This url is recognized on page load to configure the product to the same variant and property option selection it was generated from.


You can request assistance from an Account manager with items on your board through this button

If after browsing our fixtures you do not find exactly what you are looking for, you can create a board of fixtures that have some of the qualities you like and click the "ask" button to arrange a personal consultation with one of our experts to match you with your dream fixture.


The fixtur navigator appears when you visit a product page from the context of multiple products like a collection page, search results page, or one of your fixtur boards. The navigator will display "Previous" and "Next" controllers at the top of your browser, allowing you to browse through the product pages of the individual results.

If the user is on a fixtur Board Browse, the navigator will display the title of the browse as well as any specific notes detailed for the page of the browse the user is on.

The navigator also presents a "mixtur" button, which brings the user to a fixtur mixtur deck to rapidly got through a randomized presentation of all of the images enabled for mixtur from the products in the collection being browsed.


You can use a fixtur board in combination with the navigator to set a guided tour through the remains store and go for a fixtur Browse, allowing the navigator to bring the user to a series of different pages and/or product configurations in a specific order. You can also attach a note to be displayed for the browse on each of the visited urls.

fixtur Quotes and Orders

fixtur is a project and shopping facilitator that does not support quotes, orders or other commercial and binding transactions.



If you are working on the Remote Desktop Server, the REMI-> button will open the REMI Configuration assistant and aid in adding the specified product to an open REMI quote or order you are working on, selecting any identical configuration option names.



fixtur boards and mixtur decks are for casual, fun, quick, and engaging browses through fixture possibilities. A board creates no formal commitment to any specific configuration, design, or quantity, it is just an indicator of interest. At some point we hope you will find promise in your lighting matches and want to proceed to a more serious level.

At that point, items on a fixtur board or the entire contents of the board can be added to a quote. This would involve verification of quantity availability, configuration completeness, discount applicability, and a perishable lead time delivered based on capacity of the factory at the time the quote is generated. These quotes will be handed to the CRM and OMS for potential closing and then fulfillment, while always maintaining the link to the original fixtur boards of conception.

Intended Audience

While much the current module is user facing, the work flow should be familiar and useful for account managers as well. They can use fixtur to assemble favorite boards for their clients and organize their various projects. Additionally, items from a fixtur board can be added to existing quotes and orders in REMI if using the Remote Desktop Server.


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