Three Nima Table Lights - consisting of a white alabaster globe set, porthole-style, within a refined slab of bronzed, antiqued, or nickeled brass - are arrayed at various angles on a wooden table with books.

M.Fisher Nima

While clearly inspired by the classical Mediterranean, ancient, even archaic world, Matthew Fisher of M.Fisher has distilled something wholly novel in this collection called Ariadne. He renders unexpected shapes, perhaps echoing from myth, perhaps from nature, in the elemental materials of stone, leather, and brass. The sculptural hand-carved alabaster and substantial brass forms are striking on their own, and with the added element of light, they are transformed. The warm glow of illuminated stone reflecting off the hand-finished metalwork both grounds and animates a space.

M.Fisher's Ariadne collection is made of materials that are basic, solid, and essential with designs that are classically inspired while realized in contemporary finishes. Remains Lighting's high-level craftsmanship of classical materials is uniquely highlighted in these new forms and combinations.