A close up photo of the Robert and Trix Haussmann Collection Molecule Linear Chandelier in Polished Nickel, showing the zig-zagging arrangement of bars and spheres of brass that comprise this lighting fixture.

Haussmann Molecule

Beginning with a five-port spherical hub, the Haussmann collection can realize many forms and sizes, ranging from the simplest flush mount to large scale customizable installations. Remains Lighting Co. has memorialized several iconic configurations: hex, square, etc., but the possibilities are limitless. All the elements are machined from solid brass bar and are connected and wired discretely in their channels. The chandeliers and pendants hang from delicate and strong braided aircraft cable, with the power connection draping loosely in a fabric cord. Designed by Robert Haussmann in the mid 1960s and now reissued under official license in collaboration with Remains Lighting Company.

The Swiss design team of Robert Haussmann, and his wife and design partner Trix Haussmann, studied architecture and design with modern masters such as Gerrit Rietveld, Valerio Oligiati, Willy Guhl, and Ernst Gisel. They gained critical acclaim in the 1960s with their interiors and furniture design, combining precise craft in unusual combinations (wood marquetry and mirror, tromp l’oeil upholstery, chair frames made of neon tubes) and references to classic forms that unfold to reveal functional qualities. They continue working, exhibiting, and winning awards in design from their studio in Zurich.